December 12, 2010


  1. My Galaxie types like crap, too, but it's fun. I found a Sterling from the same era yesterday at Value Village. I didn't buy it because it was $29.99 (!) but I tried it out a little. It typed like crap, too, yet I kept trying to justify why I should buy it. At last I decided $29.99 was just too much for that particular machine.

    The only time I ever wrote a letter on a 3000 is was in script font. Although I got rid of that one I would like to find another script machine someday.

  2. If I didn't have better typewriters to compare it to, the Galaxie wouldn't feel that bad. And really, I think that I could type on it for a longer duration.

    But I can compare, so I know its just not as smooth and easy to type with. Its built to last though, so that is a plus. Certainly a candidate to hand down to my son or daughter when they get older.

    I used to have a script manual. I sold it a month or two ago to a fellow enthusiast that was really looking for an ultra-portable script machine. I like the idea of a script machine, but I rarely ever used the one I had, so I am satisfied with having a script typeball for my Selectric for the times I just have to have script. Seems like a good middle ground.

  3. My Galaxie is actually pretty good to type on. It feels like a slightly sloppier Silent Super, with more metallic clanging. Okay, that doesn't make it sound all that great, but it's not bad, really.

  4. My daily typer is a Classic 12, pretty much a Galaxie's sister. Mine is a 1968 and was in storage from (as best the pervious owner could rememebr) 1970 intil I got it in 2004. When I got her she was tight and made my fingers ache after a few hundred words. After a good cleaning she started to feel great.

    Within a month she was feeling like brand new. She got a name (Phoebe) and I have used her most every day since.

    If your Gal is anything like my Classic, don't give up! They are great work horses!

  5. I really like my Galaxie. It's snappy. Metallic, as Duffy said, but snappy. OK, so it's not as smooth as my Olympias, but it tries, poor thing. Besides, do any Olympias and Hermes and other fancy-pants typers come with a *padded* carriage return? Anyone? Anyone?

    I thought not.