December 15, 2010


  1. Regarding the first paragraph, don't beat yourself up. Instead, JUST WRITE!!!

    (Consider that a friendly kick in the butt.)

    Regarding the rest, although it seems sort of funny to receive small gifts in exchange for your years of service to a company, a globe is a great thing to have. I love having one.

    Good choice.

  2. (Rubs butt.)

    Thanks, I needed that!

    Yeah, some of the stuff that is offered is just funny. I can understand the watches, rings and jewelry, but silverware, plates, glasses? Not so much.

    Some of the other stuff just seemed so mundane. I mean, a duffel bag? Okay, why would I want to commemorate my 10 year anniversary with a duffel bag?

    The globe is nice. Now I just have to clean up my desk and find a good place to set it. A few months ago I changed by setup from computer-centric to typewriter-centric and the globe goes nicely with that!