December 9, 2010


  1. I ended up looking for the cause of the full hard drive anyways (I'm just that type of person. If there is a problem, it bugs me until I have it resolved).

    Turns out my temp files had bloated up past 175GB. Not sure why, but I deleted them all and now have a happily roomy hard drive again.

    Now I need to get away from this computer as its eating my writing minutes away!

  2. How does the 32 feel to type on? I once had a 22, then a Studio 44 and now a Studio 21. I remember liking the 22 but both the 44 and 21 feel like each key has a rubber band keeping it from being pressed easily. Both are in perfect condition, clean and lightly oiled. Maybe the diffcult action is a Studio thing and not a characteristic of the Letteras.

  3. I love the feel of my 32. Most of my nano novel in November was written on it and since I have an Olympia SG1 and SM9 in great condition at home, that is saying a lot.

    For an ultra-portable, I doubt there is a better typer than a 32. It compares favorably to any portable I have ever typed on and it probably only bested by the SM9.

    The keys are small and I have big fingers, but I type comfortably and fast on the 32.

    Now I have heard Studios feel better than Letteras, but I have never typed on a Studio before, so can't give a first-hand comparison. If you can get your hands on a Lettera 32, I'd do it, as its perfect to type on a desk or on your lap and the small size makes it easy to toss in a backpack and go mobile!