December 2, 2010


  1. Great tips! Did you use the Lettera 32 while typing on your lap? I can see that working well with a lap desk, since the bottom isn't enclosed.

    What do you use as a backing sheet for onionskin paper? Something heavier, I would imagine!

  2. Yup, the Lettera was my lap typer. I did end up putting some "grippy cabinet liner" down between the typer and lap desk and that locked any sort of movement, which was very nice.

    I estimate that, of the 106 pages completed in November, about 20 of them were done at my desk on the SG-1, 6 of them done on the Lettera on a desk or table, 2 of them done on the Lettera on my lap in my car, 10 of them done on the Lettera on my lap at home and the other 68 pages done on the Lettera on a lap desk. So the Lettera got a lot of work!

    As for a backing sheet, the first one I used was was some 20lb resume paper with 25% cotton. The second sheet was just some regular 20lb copy paper, so yeah, something heavier than the onionskin.

  3. I often typecast on my lap but for some reason I seldom did that in the novel process, because I kept getting distracted. I had he same thought about pages and did single-spaced too.
    Funny too the parallel about the cave. I set one up too that I never used.
    great post!