January 7, 2011


  1. Interesting. Too bad that WiFi eats up your battery power. And too bad that the thing can distract you from actual writing. But it sounds much less distracting than a full-fledged computer!

    Let me know if the keyboard is comfy.

  2. I think the battery meter is based off of the voltage, so when the WiFi is pulling a lot of power, the meter drops down. Once I turn it back off, the meter goes back up to what it was normally.

    I do still have the rechargeable pack that came with it, and I heard the meter is more accurate with it. I took it out because I didn't have an AC adapter to charge them with, but I read that they will charge via USB cable, which I do have.

    I figure I'll let these alkalines run down and then put the rechargeable back in and see how much life it has left after its charged back up.

    Keyboard is nice and comfy. Distraction factor is a little high, but I think that is also the newness of it all.

  3. I've used a AS years ago and was put off by the keyboard. It made a great teaching tool when my daughter was learning her letters, though. The Dana is nice to look at and seems like it would be much more in my wheelhouse. Perhaps a trip over to eBay is in order....

    Ya know, you are one BAD influence on me!! ;u)

  4. You know, l try;)

    I think my ebay seller was electronicscafe or similar. It was an or best offer and they had more than ten available. Just saying...

    I do think the 3000 will get some use by the kids, in time.