September 17, 2010


  1. Last year, right before Thanksgiving, I bought my Remington DeLuxe 5. For the holiday, I went to the kind of family gathering only Norman Rockwell could convey. And all the while, I was thinking about where to put that Remmie when it arrived. Designing and building a compact typewriter desk, every bit as portable as what you're talking about, occupied the remainder of that week-end. Now, I can't get comfortable typing at the dining room table or the coffee table. It is possible that having the right place to type is every bit as important as having something to type.

    And, egad, is it NaNoMo time, again?

  2. As a part-time writer (meaning that I have a day job and only can write in between work and family life), I do find that it takes a perfect combination of location, mindset and writing device to get me in my comfort zone.