September 29, 2010


  1. that was me two weeks ago. i didn't take my kmart 100 (similar size), preferring instead to try to find a machine to use in ANC. I had no success at the hotel (a business center without a typewriter? what's the world coming to?), or the library or the workplace, or even the thrift store (though they did have cats to pet). So i say take it - squeeze it into your clothing bag or use a more capacious laptop bag.

  2. This is why it's important to develop a side-fixation. A nice fountain pen and a pad of suitable paper -- *cough* Rhodia *cough* Black N Red *cough cough* -- will fit in places that a typewriter only dreams of. And writing on a train! How perfect. No fear of suffering premature ink splurting caused by changes in cabin pressure.

  3. I second the notion of a fancy fountain pen AND some 100% cotton writing paper. But be warned, like typewriters and a certain brand of potato chips, when it comes to fountain pens you can't stop at just one! Safe travels!

  4. I have found that using a good pen (or pencil) and nice paper is a great supplement but not a replacement. Last year I took a two-night trip to California for a training seminar. I was going to bring my SM-3 but opted not to at the last minute. It was a bad choice. When I returned home I promtly greeted my typewriter as well as my lovely wife and son (not in that order, exactly). And to think, you are going for a whole week.


    Word verification = "dissen", as in, don't be dissen your typewriter by leaving it at home.

  5. Justin, I agree with you and specifically for this trip, I do want to take a typewriter. I do have pens and pencils and some assorted notebooks and the like which will accompany me on the trip, but its really the typewriter that I want.

    Last night, I put the Lettera in its case and the case fit nicely in my backpack. There looked to be some space in there as well, so I could slip in my laptop, extra battery, AC adapter and my Kindle 2...I think. I'll have to give it a trial run.

    I'm also going to see if the Lettera with no case will fit in my messenger bag with my laptop. I could always distribute the rest of those contents in my jacket pockets, that being DSi XL, games, a voice recorder and some writing utensils...

    I'll keep you posted and if anyone has any ideas, shoot them my way. I may end up looking for a larger carry-on bag, but I haven't given up hope on my existing bags, yet!

  6. So, it was bothering me enough that I went out and bought a new backpack, a ful Refugee Laptop Backpack, Camo colored.

    I brought it home and loaded it up...everything in my normal messenger bag (pens, Kindle 2, DSi XL, games, a ton of cords, digital voice recorder and a pad of paper) and my laptop, AC adapter, extra 12-hour batter and...yup, my Lettera 32 in case.

    It all fits nicely and there are tons of external pockets that I can fit all those cords, so I am semi-organized.

    I donned it and walked around a bit. It was pretty heavy. I weighed it and it came out to 25lbs, fully loaded.

    Heavy, but manageable and nice because all my non-clothes fit in this one bag. And I checked weight limits, and it some places say 10% of body weight and others say 15%. I'm 235lbs, so I'm in between those limits.

    I'm happy:)

  7. I agree with the fountain pen/notebook suggestions. I would stay clear of cotton paper due to the feathering. Rhodia or Quo Vadis Habana notebook. 90 gram paper that will handle a fountain quite nicely. I would recommend an online retailer, but you already know the place I'd recommend.

    I'm might be facing a similar situation soon, but my Lettera 22 is very doubtful. I will have to go by plane, so I think it will be a notebook, my Waterman Phileas with either my Pelikan Brilliant Black or J. Herbin Poussiere de Lune ink.