September 7, 2010


  1. Hmmm...I got a bit overzealous last night. I finished reading all of that Hutchison book that I cared to. I skipped the two chapters (which were the meat of the book) that showed a complete breakdown of a late model Olympia manual and a late model Brother electric.

    My thought was that I could go back to either of those chapters as reference, if need be, but there wasn't much value to just read through them, as I am not currently working on anything that I need such a detailed reference.

    And now I am bummed, because I have finished the book and am reconsidering my desire to own it. Its great reference, but if its at my local library, I can always check it out again if I need it, instead of hording it and letting it gather dust on my bookshelf...

  2. Deek, Keep your eyes peeled on Amazon's used books. At first I also saw only a $100 copy. But then one day a copy showed up for only $37. In the meantime, just can just renew your library copy. Then again, you could take it to a copy shop and make your own photocopy of the thing!

  3. I'll keep my eyes open for a deal, but even at $37, I'm not likely to buy. The hard back retailed for $16.95 back in 1981. The paper back was $10.95.

    It seems the fact they are hard to find and some people are willing to pay over a $100 have made it quite pricey to acquire.

    But, I'll keep my eyes open online and locally (never know what may show up at Half Price Books). I did consider photocopying or scanning to PDF, but at this point, I just enjoyed the read and know that I can check it out at the library, if needed.

    I still may inquire about purchasing though. They happened to be selling a bunch of books while I was in there the other day and with this book being in storage, I may have some luck.