September 28, 2010

And up next, is another response, mixing some old and new school technology, to Why do you write? Without further ado, let's read what Ledeaux has to say. You may click on the image below to enlarge for reading.


  1. Very nice, Ledeaux! I enjoyed reading your response. The last line is thought-provoking as well... if we want to "leave a legacy" of our existence with our writing, then it makes sense that we turn to typewriters so we may have a paper trail (that we know will last) instead of these bits and bytes that seem rather fleeting.

  2. Deek, I don't too many readers, but I've posted a thank you this morning over at my art blog ( You and Adwoa are inspiring me to try a little typecasting of my own. ;-)

  3. I like how you point out writing differently for different situations. And poetry as "word drawing" - that's great description.