September 6, 2010


  1. a good idea - the triangle of happiness. That way, if one of the vertices is down & out, you know there's still two rays of happiness to balance it out. Or one might not matter as much at the time (money for eg). And people can determine their own set of 3 values.

    There's been quite a few discussions of happiness on the web lately - I think a lot of it problematic because 'happiness' is such a fickle state to define. I'm practicing using the term 'joy' as a substitute whereever I can - it seems to be a more direct description and less weighted with all that utilitarian & political & psychological baggage. It's much easier to follow a guide like 'do anything, but let it produce joy' than 'be happy'.

    But I like your analogy.

  2. I thought you would like the little bit of philosophy.

    Yeah, I suppose I never thought about each person determining their own three sets of values, as I thought I had "all the answers", but yeah, it makes sense, as people do value different things and as you put it, could value different things at different times.

    Three seems to work well, on this planet, anyways. Religion, science...lots of things based on threes...