September 26, 2010

I am very pleased to share Adwoa's typecast reply to my question Why do you write? You may click on the image below to enlarge for reading.


  1. Very nicely put, Adwoa.

    I'm glad you mentioned The Imperfectionists. I read a very positive review of it a few months ago, then couldn't remember the title when I was selecting my summer reading. Now, armed with the title and your recommendation, I've ordered the book from the library. So thanks to you and Deek!

  2. The human condition...there is certainly a never-ending supply of content to write on about that, eh?

    I have to share that I too, seem to thrive more on the back and forth of communication and assimilate other points of view into my writing. And writers do tend to read an awful lot. Very astute observations and thank you for sharing, Adwoa.

    An afterthought, I also tend to read recommended books, almost unconsciously.

  3. Thank you, Richard. Writing this felt a little like I was doing homework, and now having a real professor comment on it - well! :-)

    I get some book recommendations from the Slate Audio Book Club podcast. It's one thing to read the NYTimes review, but it really helps to hear real-life people discussing the work as well. They announce the selections a month in advance, and so far The Imperfectionists is the only one I read before the podcast aired, which was nice. Otherwise I listen to conversations about books I haven't read too - I'm not concerned with spoilers.

    Here's a link to Slate's audio discussion on The Imperfectionists in case anyone's curious:

  4. This is a great post, Adwoa. Very nicely articulated. And typed.

  5. I like this response. Specifically, I like that you point out the correlation between reading fiction and its affects on the imagination, and then how that affects your writing. What a lovely thing the written word is.