September 15, 2010


  1. It is very kind of you to mention me, deek :-) I like writing about discovering and using typewriters here in Switzerland, and I'm pleased that other collectors all over the world can see my posts. My personal collection has become just a tad ridiculous, as I like to pick up typewriters that I find in good condition, or also specifically seek out highly-reviewed ones like the Olympia SM3 that just joined the stable, even though I may already have machines that write just as well, like my Hermes 2000. Sigh.

    By the way, this is my favorite font of yours! (And one that I have been trying in vain to find locally, so I shall live vicariously through your typecasts.) It reminds me of Remington Art Gothic, but the "g" is different...

  2. Yea I hear that! It is great to see the typosphere expanding over these recent months! There is certainly a lot of energy as well from the new acquisitions. I'm sure everyone hopes to see more in the future